High Speed Punching Services

High speed punching is one of the most economical solutions for fabricating high volume sheet metal parts.  With the latest equipment, punching, cutting, forming, and marking processes can be performed on one machine, reducing total cost per part. Many of these operations traditionally need to be performed as a separate process (usually manual labor) after the material has been laser or plasma cut. For example, in many situations counter sinking holes is performed by an operator using a drill press. This time consuming process makes products more costly on high volume runs. The photo included with this blog post shows a punched part with the holes counter sunk before it came off the machine.

Trumpf, the leader in high speed punching technology, produces the fastest high speed punching machine in the world. The TruPunch 5000. Its unmatched capabilities save a significant amount of time over laser cutting. At Innovative Fabricators we offer the services of the TruPunch 5000. See it in action by viewing this video. If your organization is searching for a world class, sheet metal fabrication resource, high speed punching may be a good fit for you. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your options further.

Counter sunk hole by the Trumpf TruPunch 5000