Utilizing high speed CNC punching to manufacture the INSCO System

When we began developing the INSCO System we had one goal in mind: Produce a reliable, modular containment system with value added features to make work in the oil patch easier. A fairly simple aspiration, from a certain perspective. However, this objective would be nearly impossible to reach (design and engineering challenges aside) if we could not manufacture the product economically. As the primary components are comprised of sheet metal, laser cutting would work. Yet laser cutting, while very effective for many applications, takes too long to process the galvanized steel used in the INSCO System. With this thought, we turned to high speed CNC punching.

High speed punching provides accelerated sheet metal processing and a is a real alternative to laser cutting in many cases. Using the Trumpf TruPunch 5000 we are able to apply its speed and tool versatility to punch all of the primary components of the containment unit, significantly reducing machine time when compared to laser cutting. It also enabled us to perform punches and cuts that are not possible with other forms of stamping and pressing methods used to manufacture competing products. This advantage allows us to process the material faster and integrate unmatched features into the containment that provide added utility in the oil field.

The patented wedge pin assembly, significantly reducing the amount of hardware required for assembly, is made possible by tight tolerances and accurate repeatability. The support gussets that keep the wall panels vertical are punched with sharp teeth that dig into the ground to help keep the system planted. Wall panels, corner joints, rail caps and other components are all punched with a selection of standard tooling. High speed punching enables us to produce these components in a fraction of the time of laser cutting, while providing the market with a high quality product.  A true testament to the unique benefits of high speed punching.


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Eric Beutler
Sales & Marketing VP
Innovative Fabricators, Inc.