Custom products for Pizza Ranch restaurants

Today, of all the services we provide as a manufacturing resource, design consultation is one of the most valuable. There are times when the customer knows what they want the product to do, and they know the materials they want to use, but they require assistance creating a design that is functional and appealing. This is where we fill the gap, and put our product design experience to work.

Recently Pizza Ranch, a long standing customer of IFI, required a specially designed platform to fit over top buffet warming trays. This was to help increase the surface area of the tray and make room for a larger variety of food. Our designers took the customer’s requirements and created a new product that not only performed perfectly, but blended seamlessly with the existing equipment. This product worked so well in the first few restaurants that other Pizza Ranch locations are now following suit.

The buffet risers are fabricated with a simple, yet effective, support system. Special braces raise the platform to counter level, and also prevent sagging by keeping the entire surface supported.

Before install


After install


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