Laser cutting and metal fabrication for Minnesota

Innovative Fabricators is proud to offer quality laser cutting services for cities and towns in the Minnesota region. We are located in north east South Dakota, only 200 miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul. This close proximity has made us a viable resource for many Minnesota companies. In addition to laser cutting, we also offer high speed punching, forming, welding, saw work, finishing and a wide range of other services through our network of preferred vendors. Contact us today to get started. Free quotes with all new inquiries. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Have you considered high speed punching?

There are many cases where high speed punching (CNC punching) is a real alternative to laser cutting for high volume runs. Using a series of punch tools and dies, we can punch (cut) many different types and shapes of parts from sheet metal. In most cases machine time is significantly reduced when compared to laser cutting. Multiple processes can also be performed on one machine, eliminating labor intensive steps down the production line.


If you or your company are in search for sheet metal fabrication services, I invite you to contact us. Innovative Fab offers metal fabrication solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. From design, concept, prototype, finished product and beyond, we can help.