New product development: Snow Tow fish house skis

The ice fishing industry in the Upper Midwest has seen a boom of wheeled fish house manufacturing. Many of these fish houses function as year round recreational trailers that can be used as campers and toy haulers in addition to ice fishing shacks. In fact, they are quite luxurious compared to huts traditionally used on the ice, measuring anywhere from 12′ to over 20′ long and weighing over 5,000 pounds. Because of their size many of them require a full size pickup or SUV to tow. But ice conditions are not always safe enough to support the weight of the ice shack and a full size pickup, so this requires using a much lighter towing vehicle such as a 4-wheeler or UTV. While these smaller vehicles can pull the weight of the fish house they are not capable of handling the tongue weight of the trailer. This is where Snow Tow comes in to play.

Introduced for the 2014/2015 winter season, the tow ski from Snow Tow removes all of the tongue weight from your towing vehicle. This allows safe towing over ice and snow using an ATV. Because of the reduced weight on the ice, the ice fishing season starts earlier and ends later. This gives the fish house owner more usability throughout the winter season, as well as the option to use a UTV or similar vehicle when convenient.

We designed the tow ski using a heavy duty, all aluminum construction to keep the ski light yet very strong. Prototyping stages progressed quickly which enabled us to reach a final design and introduce the product to market in a timely manner. Keeping pace with demand spikes was important when developing production strategy. So high speed manufacturing processes are used to maximize efficiency and speed. This reduces production lead times and keeps costs at a manageable level, making mass distribution feasible using a dealership-style model to reach customers.

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See the video below to view the tow ski in action.