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Innovative Fab Original Metal Art Products

Since 1994 Innovative Fab has been designing and manufacturing metal art products for wholesale and retail markets. Our corporate owned designs have grown into a line of over 1,500 unique items, and we continue to add more as our customers’ needs evolve. All of our artwork begins as a hand drawing, and is created in-house by Innovative Fab designers. We currently sell our products on three separate online storefronts: Company Web Store, Amazon, and eBay. Visit the stores below to browse all of our retail products.


Shipping worldwide


US & Canada shoppers


US & Canada shoppers

Third Party Products & Designs

Over the years we have developed relationships with designers that require a manufacturing partner to produce their products. With our extensive experience in the manufacturing and retail industry, we are a valuable resource to those looking for a manufacturing partner to help turn a concept into a reality.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about the opportunities with Innovative Fabricators.

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Licensed Products

Innovative Fab currently has licenses to manufacture products bearing logos and marks for several universities in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Additional licenses may be added in the future, depending on market demands.


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