Corten Steel Signs and Displays

Custom Cor-ten weathering steel signage and displays

Project Description

Cor-Ten (or CORTEN) steel can be used to manufacture industrial looking signs and decor products. We have utilized this material in a number of projects where long term weather resistance was required, while achieving a unique industrial look. The character of the steel has become widely appreciated in the design and architectural communities, making it useful in modern and vintage landscapes and living spaces alike. In addition to signs, Cor-Ten can also be used for custom fabricating outdoor planters, retaining walls, fences, decorative screens, panels, industrial components and many other metal fabricated products. Various gauges and thicknesses are available in sheets that can be laser cut and custom fabricated into fully finished products. The most common gauges and thicknesses in our portfolio range from 11 gauge up to 3/8″, with lighter and heavier options available when required by the project.

Project Details

  • Date March 23, 2015
  • Tags Signage

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