The Post Bar & Grill – Condiment, Menu & Tableware Caddie

Project Description

Management from The Post Bar & Grill contacted us with their vision of the perfect table caddie. We were tasked with delivering a caddie that could hold various items, including but not limited to menus, silverware, napkins, coasters and a special service flag. The client also requested three separate slots in the main upright portion of the caddie body to accommodate marketing cards. So we developed a special system that allows the cards to be inserted from the side (see image above with chip board inserts for example). The clip on the top of the caddie is designed to hold the service flag.

Other features include rubber feet on the bottom side and a laser cut logo on each caddie. All components received a powder coat finish. We tested various design features throughout the development of the caddie. The final product measures about 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 14″ tall. Services provided include design, engineering, prototyping and production.

We’ve been putting the caddies to good use so far.  They’re working out well!
AG (Owner), The Post Sports Bar & Grill
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